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Blogging For Beginners: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Blog in 2019

Blogging For Beginners: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Blog in 2019

Starting a blog is a challenge that can be made a lot easier by reading the right information from people who actually know what they are talking about. Blogging For Beginners: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Blog in 2019 is a totally FREE e-book on the subject of starting a blog.

Now, there are numerous free guides about blogging, but the majority of them are pretty useless, I have to say. So will this one offer any worthwhile advice to the new blogger?

At first glance, the guide looks very promising indeed, and the chapters and sub-chapters are clearly laid out, with lots of bullet points, making it easy to read. After reading just the first chapter (which is incredibly detailed) I knew that the author really knows his stuff. Indeed, this is one of the best first chapters I have read in a book about blogging, and it actually taught me to analyze my current blogs to determine exactly what kind of blogger I am.

I learned that there are actually more types of bloggers that I had ever realised, and the questions asked will help you be clear from the very start what kind of blogger you will and should be. Of course, if you're clear, then your readers (and Google itself!) will be clear, too, which will give you a fighting chance to be a success.

Unlike the majority of guides that I have read, this one doesn't focus primarily on Wordpress, and actually discusses the pros and cons of other platforms you can use, too, which is refreshing.

Blogging trends in 2019 are also discussed, and this is a very useful section that could help you choose the right niche for you. Simply choosing a niche can be a monumental task in itself, and I remember spending a very long time wasting time on the wrong niches. So it is great to see some useful and essential advice on the subject.

Also thoroughly covered is marketing, which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2019, social media, and getting traffic. If you're looking to earn money from your blog, then every monetization method is also discussed comprehensively. You will discover that there are many more ways to earn money than with just displaying ads or promoting products via affiliate marketing.

Overall, this is a superb new guide for anyone wishing to start and monetize a blog, and also for those of you who may already have a blog but are struggling to make it a success. It's well-written without confusing jargon, and beautifully laid out, making good use of bullet points. The guide is jam-packed with up-to-date advice, and every area of blogging is discussed in great detail. This is most definitely one of the best books I've seen for beginners, and I can't believe that it's actually FREE!

Mark's rating:


Very comprehensive.
Up-to-date information for 2019.
Perfect for beginners.
Ideal for struggling bloggers.
All areas of blogging covered.
It's free!


I really can't fault this guide!

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1. Blogging For Profit - The Basics You Need to Know. Can You Really Make Money Blogging? Blogging in 2019: Why Do It Now? Why You Need a Niche, Passive Income Explained, Success Stories: Bloggers Who Earn $10,000 Per Month.

2. Starting Your Blog - Getting Started: platforms, Hosting, Domains. Money-Making Niches: Which One's Yours? Know Your Enemy (aka Competitors), Integrating Social Media, Blogging Trends in 2019.

3. Marketing Your Blog - Blog Traffic: The Why's and Hows, Social Media is Your (Marketing Friend), Leads and Lists: How They Work, SEO in 2019: Do's and Don'ts, Paid vs Free Traffic, Socialising, Commenting, and Being Heard.

4. Monetizing Your Blog - Monetising Your Blog Like a Pro.

5. Managing Your Multiple Passive Income Streams - Your Blog: Your New Business Platform, Not Just a Side-Hustle: Go Full-Time on Passive Income, What Next?

Book Details

Title: Blogging For Beginners: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Blog in 2019 and Making a Profit With Your Writing by Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income.
Author: Matthew Shields
Publication Date: 10 May 2019
Formats: Kindle edition only
Print Length: 88 pages
Publisher: Independent


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