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Write Blog Posts Readers Love by Henri Junttila

Write Blog Posts Readers Love front coverWrite Blog Posts Readers Love paperback book

Write Blog Posts Readers Love has been out for a while now and, as I write, it's a best-seller on Amazon. I am pretty excited to have finally got my hands on a copy for review.

Henri is the owner of, a blog that aims to help people discover how to do what they love, and he has, so far, penned five books.

In this book, the author starts out by telling us how he always wanted to write and how he became overwhelmed and confused when trying to find something that worked. What do I write? How do I create a successful blog? We've all been there!

He aims to reveal everything he has learned while building his own blog and gaining tens of thousands of followers.

This book certainly lives up to its title, and is very well-written in a clear and concise manner. Each chapter is very comprehensive and packed with very inspiring and useful information. I certainly learned lots of new techniques to improve my own writing, and If you're a writer or blogger then you really need this book!

Both the Kindle and paperback formats of the book are beautifully laid out and well structured with plenty of sub-headings. There is no complex jargon here and you will find Henri's writing style easy to digest.

I really can't fault this book, and the price is a bargain - essential reading!

Mark's rating:

  • Written in a clear, jargon-free style
  • Very inspirational and positive
  • Comprehensive
  • Excellent value for money
  • None - go buy it!

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In Uncover Your Blogging Voice, you will discover how to find a writing style and distinguish yourself from the crowd, which I found very inspirational.

Find Your Ideal Reader will help you gain followers which will help with SEO. If you know what your are about, and Google knows what you are about, then so will your readers!

Tell Inspiring Stories I found particularly interesting, and it has inspired me to write in a less self-absorbed, ego-boosting manner. Indeed, instead of droning on about your successes, you should learn to share your mistakes to help others.

If you want to overcome the dreaded writer's block, then the chapter Generate Unlimited Ideas reveals some great techniques to give you endless topic ideas.

Craft Compelling Headlines will help you create eye-catching headlines, which is one of the most essential aspects of blogging to get right. If your headlines suck then you can kiss goodbye to potential new followers.

Write Scannable Posts will help make your writing easy to read without dumbing it down. For instance, structuring your posts with subheadings and shorter paragraphs will make your posts easier on the eye, and your readers will love this.

If you want to write faster then Plan Your Posts reveals how to plan your post idea properly (obviously!) which will help you to  avoid rambling on and losing the whole point of your post - something I find myself doing often!

Leverage Proven Templates features some excellent blog ideas that are proven to work, such as the classic "How-to" post and The List post. If you're stuck for something to write about then use these templates for an instant idea.

Have A Writing Process reveals how to become a prolific writer and how the author's own process took years to develop, and why he is still improving.

We all have days when we simply can't be bothered to write or feel unenergetic and lack ideas. You will learn how to re-energise yourself, stay enthusiastic and write every day in Stay Motivated.

Finally, Henri leaves us with A Note On Success, a useful summary of everything covered and his own conclusion.

Book Details

Title: Write Blog Posts Readers Love
Author: Henri Juntilla
Publication Date: 27 Nov 2017
Formats: Kindle or Paperback
Print Length: 131 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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