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Blogging For Beginners: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Blog in 2019

Starting a blog is a challenge that can be made a lot easier by reading the right information from people who actually know what they are talking about. Blogging For Beginners: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Blog in 2019 is a totally FREE e-book on the subject of starting a blog.

Now, there are numerous free guides about blogging, but the majority of them are pretty useless, I have to say. So will this one offer any worthwhile advice to the new blogger?

At first glance, the guide looks very promising indeed, and the chapters and sub-chapters are clearly laid out, with lots of bullet points, making it easy to read. After reading just the first chapter (which is incredibly detailed) I knew that the author really knows his stuff. Indeed, this is one of the best first chapters I have read in a book about blogging, and it actually taught me to analyze my current blogs to determine exactly what kind of blogger I am.

I learned that there are actually more types of bloggers that I had …

Social Media: The Ultimate E-Commerce Guide to Marketing Your Business Online

Social media has become a way of life for millions of people, and if your business does not promote itself on at least one major platform, then you could be losing out on a substantial income.

In order to be successful on sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, you need an up-to-date marketing strategy, and Social Media: The Ultimate E-Commerce Guide to Marketing Your Business Online and Making a Passive Income by Richard Platt is a brand new, up-to-date guide that aims to help you succeed.

In its first two chapters, the author discusses why you need social media and how to choose platforms most suitable for your blog/business. A very useful list of industry types which are most suited to each platform is included. Of course, when you have chosen your platforms, you may decide that as your blog expands, you may need to ditch the ones that aren't working for you - I have certainly done this! But, at least, chapter 2 will set you on the right path.

Chapters 3 to 12 give informa…

Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide 2019 - The $10,000 per Month Foolproof Method

If you wish to earn money from your blog, then you should seriously consider affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide 2019 by Ronald Roberts is a very comprehensive guide on the subject, and when I say comprehensive, I mean it!

Many chapters are huge and packed to the rafters with advice. Not all of the advice I agree with, as you will find out, but there is certainly a lot of excellent information here to digest.

The author goes into great detail about what affiliate marketing actually is, discussing the main players, how to sign-up, and which networks you can join. However, it would have been useful to have been given links to the networks from within the ebook.

Some of the affiliate networks mentioned I would not recommend. For instance, JVzoo's products are mostly terrible, making pie in the sky promises which will leave your customers very dissatisfied - as I did - which is not good for your reputation. Clickbank's products are mostly pretty similar, in th…

Habits of Rich Bloggers: Follow Your Passions and Make Money Online 24 Hours a Day

It is a sad fact that around 90% of bloggers actually fail. Habits of Rich Bloggers: Follow Your Passions and Make Money Online 24 Hours a Day by Robert Hunter aims to reveal just how 10% of bloggers succeed. You will be taught how to choose a profitable niche and attract traffic to your blog, with 10 proven ways to make money.

The FREE guide is aimed at both new and existing bloggers, and it is clear from the offset that the author is very knowledgable about the subject of blogging.

He outlines very clearly and comprehensively exactly the right steps to take for actually gaining traffic and earning an income, and how the basis for this is to focus on a niche and not trying to be everything to everyone.

There is no complex jargon here, and each chapter is written with enthusiasm and detailed information. The guide has been beautifully laid out, too, with clear headings and sub-headings. There are plenty of useful Wordpress themes, tools and plugins mentioned, although a link to each …

Six Figure Blogging - Insider Secrets to Building High Profit Blogs

I'm always a little dubious about publications that promise a six figure income. Of course, there are bloggers achieving this, but it does take a monumental effort to reach six figures, and most bloggers never make it.

So will this guide help you to do so? Let's find out...

In the introduction of Six Figure Blogging - Insider Secrets to Building High Profit Blogs, the author explains how blogging does not have to be a complicated process, and that it is exceptionally easy to do.

Well, in reality, I'm afraid that it will never be an easy process, and many more blogs actually fail than succeed. Let me tell you that the number of abandoned blogs online is pretty massive. Indeed, it's something of a phenomenon.

However, despite the dubious comments in the introduction, the book is not a write-off, and if you apply the fundamentals outlined in this guide, you will have a better chance of being a success.

The guide is basically telling you to write exceptional content, add …

Blog Photography Hacks by Rose Clearfield

The author of Blog Photography Hacks, Rose Clearfield, is a freelance photographer who aims to take the complexities and expense out of taking photos for your own blog. In this comprehensive book, you'll learn how to create magazine-worthy shoots with your current equipment.

In the opening paragraphs, Rose discusses the background and the equipment she uses, and we learn that she really has a keen passion for the subject.

I am particularly impressed with the first chapter, which features some quite brilliant ideas for low-cost or free items you can use as backdrops - these are ideas I've never thought of, but will certainly be using in the future.

Indeed, the book is particularly focused on backdrops and lighting, and you'll find a huge amount of advice, such as creating a low-cost reflector, and creating light by simply using daylight light bulbs.

Tips on making the move from auto mode to manual mode are also provided and will help to make you become a much better photog…

How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup

The title of this blog How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul sums up nicely what blogging to make money should be about. I have read countless articles from so-called "entrepreneurs" who suggest blogging only about products and fads that will make you rich, which is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

By the way, the author Ruth Soukup (who owns a very successful blog at assumes that you have basic knowledge of setting-up and running a blog, so you won't find in-depth advice here on setting one up. Its main aim is to help you grow your blog and earn a living doing what you love.

Right from the very first chapter, it's clear that Ruth is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic blogger, and her own blog attracts over 1 million visitors per month. A lot of thought has gone into creating this very comprehensive guide, which is packed to the rafters with essential advice.

Now, the author is American, so if your British (l…

How to Start a Blog and Earn - ebook by Atharavraj and Rajnish Yadav

As I've discovered during the creation of this blog, there are countless books about blogging available online, and, sadly, a great many of them fail to impress. For this post, I'm going to review a brand new publication How to Start a Blog and Earn. Is this one worth spending your time and hard-earned money on? Let's find out...

Firstly, it was a little difficult picking out where the chapters actually start and end, and it would have been helpful if the authors had defined each chapter with a larger font for the title and actually listed them as Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc.

Thankfully, the use of English is pretty clear and straightforward, although using the word "coz" in one chapter is unforgivable. The layout of the guide is a little awkward, though, and the authors need to tidy up the sections and give them a bit more order.

Sadly, the first 7 chapters/sections are pretty sparse and feel rushed, and you will find very little info that will be of much use for…

Getting Started As An Amazon Affiliate by Mathlew Burkett

Okay, so this isn't a book about blogging, obviously. However, if you would like to earn a commission from promoting products on your blog (without carrying any stock), then this new guide should be of great interest to you.

Getting Started as an Amazon Affiliate by Matthew Burkett is a low-cost Kindle e-book that is aimed at anyone who has little knowledge of the Amazon Associates program, and needs advice on what it is, how to add it to your blog, and how to generate sales and earn money.

Although this guide is relatively short at 18 pages, there is a lot of essential advice crammed into those pages. The writing style is clear and concise, and is also jargon-free. It's also a pleasant change to read a guide in which the author does not waste time by harping on about how he has gone from rags to riches and is making £1000's per month.

Right from the first chapter, you are provided with relevant information that will be of use to you. Some chapters are a little brief. For …

How to Start a Blog - Free Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Blog

Firstly, you'll be pleased to know that this e-book is absolutely free on Amazon, so grab yourself a copy before the publisher changes their mind!

How to Start a Blog - Free Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Blog - for Those Interested in Making Money and Having Fun! is a pretty self-explanatory title, and has been written by a couple who own and run two successful blogs which, they claim, make $100,000 per month between them. They own an impressive health and fitness blog called Avocadu, so, hopefully, they know their subject matter inside out - let's find out!

The fact that the pair are offering this book for free is a good sign. I have read countless books on blogging from so-called "experts" who are actually only making money by selling their books to you, rather than from their blogs as they claim.

Now, the book is fairly comprehensive, although some chapters have a lot more depth than others. You will gain much inspiration from chapters three and four, which are…